The Wyoming Press Assocation ( maintains a list of newspapers in Wyoming that are members. The list contains newspaper name, web site and general phone number. Here are some additional pieces of information related to newspapers in Wyoming.

The Casper Star Tribune currently has two political reporters who are based in Cheyenne. They are Jeremy Pelzer ( and Joan Barron ( Joan pronounces her name JOE-ANN.

Press releases must adhere to standard formatting conventions. Editors will generally discard press releases that aren't in the correct format, and they also typically ignore anything beyond the first page. Here is a web page that describes how to write a press release, and contains an example - Don't just blindly send out press releases. Make contact with each intended recipient and ask how to submit the press release - fax, email or paper.

Here is a list of Wyoming radio stations that might be interested in candidate press releases or in talking to candidates.

KTWO-AM 1030 Casper
KGAB-AM 650 Cheyenne
KIML-AM 1270 Gillette
KODI-AM 1400 Cody  

Here is a list of TV stations that serve Wyoming and produce a newscast.

Wyoming Public Broadcasting many
KTWO-TV Casper
KCWY-TV Casper
KGWN-TV Cheyenne