These fundamental principles are the basis for the Wyoming Country Party:

The Wyoming Country Party believes that the Wyoming Legislature is the key to securing these fundamental principles. Washington, DC is simply incapable of being fixed, so it is up to the states to protect the liberty and wealth of its citizens. In a nutshell, that's what the Wyoming Country Party is all about: taking power and money away from the federal government, returning it to the states and to the citizens to whom it belongs.

Unfortunately, the citizens of Wyoming have almost no power to reverse the usurpation of power by the federal government through federal elections or petitioning. Our 3 representatives in Washington, DC simply can't stop the federal leviathon from growing ever more powerful. However, the Wyoming legislature does have the power to nullify unconstitutional federal laws and regulations. We advocate judicious use of that power to nullify the most egregious abuses of the limited federal authority granted to the federal government by the Constitution.

Wyoming state government has also grown dramatically in recent years, doubling in total expenditures in the last decade. In addition to reducing the power of the federal government over Wyoming citizens and businesses, the Wyoming Country Party advocates shrinking state government. While state spending is not as detrimental to citizens as federal spending, the governments in Wyoming, both state and local, need to be reduced in size and scope.

The Wyoming Country Party will adopt its first official platform during its 2012 convention, so the following list of positions is the "unofficial" platform of the Wyoming Country Party:

* Much credit is due to Judge Andrew Napolitano for promoting these principles in his books and on his television show on the Fox Business Network.