Town Hall meeting set for for October 29th in Casper

(October 16, 2011) - The Wyoming Country Party will hold a Town Hall meeting at Poor Boys Steak House in Casper on Saturday, October 29th at 1pm. The purpose of this meeting will be to provide an introduction to the Wyoming Country Party. Don Wills, chairman of the Wyoming Country Party, will present the rationale for why a third party is a good thing, what the Wyoming Country Party hopes to accomplish, and how it will be able to accomplish its goals. In addition, Brenda Mannina of Wyoming Watchdogs will present an update on the Wyoming Watchdogs Tyranny Index, a study that identifies which state legislators are good and bad for citizen's freedoms. The meeting should last about two hours which will include plenty of time for questions and answers about both the Wyoming Country Party and the Wyoming Watchdogs Tyranny Index. See for information about the Tyranny Index.

Wyoming Country Party gets approval from Wyoming Attorney General for self-verified ballot access petitions

(October 12, 2011) - The Wyoming Country Party has been informed by the Elections Division of the Wyoming Secretary of State that the Wyoming Attorney General has determined that self-verified ballot access petitions will be accepted. This is a change from past practice. What it means is that everyone in the state with access to a computer and a printer will be able to sign the petition for formation of the Wyoming Country Party, not just those who are near to where petition signatures are being gathered. The Wyoming Country Party web site will be updated to provide for the download of the proper form, along with instructions for how to fill it out and submit it.

Wyoming Country Party begins market awareness campaign

(September 4th, 2011) - The Wyoming Country Party has started a marketing campaign to raise awareness of the party and what it stands for among Wyoming voters. The marketing campaign will address two issues. The first is the unknown nature of the party - voters have never heard of the party because it is new and is not part of a larger national party. The second issue is the fact that the word "Country" in the party name doesn't communicate any particular position or philosophy. The ultimate objective of the marketing campaign will be to inform voters that they have a viable, non-radical choice in the voting booth in November 2012.

The market awareness campaign has already started with an Internet-based campaign of banner ads to increase name recognition. Newspaper and radio advertising in selected Wyoming outlets will begin in the next few weeks. Direct mail, bumper stickers, marketing literature and participation in various community events will also help to spread the word that the Wyoming Country Party exists to help take back our country. Later this year, the marketing campaign will become more focused on communicating what the party stands for and how the Wyoming Country Party can make a difference.

Wyoming Country Party plans petition drive

(April 19th, 2011) - The Wyoming Country Party, a new political party in Wyoming, held its first convention in Casper on Saturday, April 16th where bylaws were adopted and state committee members and officers were elected.

"The convention was a great success. Now the hard work of circulating petitions to become a ballot-qualified political party in Wyoming begins.", said Don Wills the newly-elected party chairman. The party will work to complete the petition drive by September.

The Wyoming Country Party bills itself as an alternative to the Republican Party. The party advocates significantly reducing taxes on Wyoming citizens, reducing state government spending, and reducing Wyoming's dependence on the federal government. The party believes that the federal government has grown too large and powerful, and will work to elect Wyoming citizens who will reclaim, through legal and peaceful means, state responsibility for education, land management, wildlife management and other government functions that are reserved to the states or to the people by the 9th and 10th Amendments to the Constitution.