What about the Libertarian Party or the Constitution Party?

Question.Why not work within the Libertarian Party or the Constitution Party?

Building a political party is a long, drawn out process that requires lots of money and volunteers. The Libertarian Party and the Constitution Party already exist. They have organizations in several states, they have somewhat functional national central committees, they have ballot access in some states and they have some money and some members. They generally both favor less government. Why not just jump on one of those bandwagons?

Answer. The answer is quite simple: the LP and CP are too radical.

The LP strongly promotes open borders, legalization of all drugs and abolition of taxation as key issues in their platforms. These positions are big losers. The American public overwhelmingly wants the borders controlled, drugs to be kept illegal, and taxation to continue, albeit at a lower rate.

The CP strongly promotes the incorporation of Christianity into politics and government and is absolutist about making abortion illegal, even in the case of rape or incest. These positions are very unpopular with the vast majority of Americans. It is commonly thought that the abortion issue has about an even split among voters. That is true, but only when the pro-life side of the issue allows for abortion in the case of rape and incest. Most polling shows that more than 80% of Americans oppose making abortion illegal in all cases.

In a nutshell, the LP is generally viewed by voters as a bunch of crazy dope smoking anarchists, and the CP is generally viewed by voters as a bunch of intolerant religious zealots who wish to impose their moral values on others by law and send doctors and women who participate in abortions to jail, without exception. Whether accurate or not, that's what Americans think of the LP and the CP. And that's why voters continue to overwhelmingly reject the LP and the CP.

The very small percentage of the electorate that agrees with the radical positions of the LP and CP is strongly attracted to these parties, and thus these parties aren't going away anytime soon. Unfortunately, the same radicalness that keeps these parties alive also assures electoral failure – LP and CP candidates will continue to poll in the low single digits in all significant contested races, relegating their parties to perpetual irrelevance. Without electoral success, the Ruling Class, and the GOP in particular, will continue to ignore the LP and the CP. The chance of either party ever affecting policy change is nil.

If you are a one issue voter, for example in favor of drug legalization or against abortion, and you believe that educating voters is a prerequisite to actually changing policy, then the LP or the CP might be right for you.

However, if you actually want to put real political pressure on the GOP, then the Wyoming Country Party may be what you are looking for. The Wyoming Country Party will target particularly bad RINO (Republican In Name Only) incumbents (and, it goes without saying, most Democrat incumbents) by running reasonable candidates who will work to reduce the power and reach of the federal government and return political power to the states and to the people.