Why not just fix the GOP?

Question. Why do we need yet another political party? Can’t we just reform the GOP? After all, the GOP says that they are for limited, constitutional government. Let’s just hold them to their words! Plus the Tea Party has had some success with infiltrating the good old boy network that controls the GOP. Why not just hop on that bandwagon?

Answer. Good luck with that! As recent events have shown, an old tiger like the GOP cannot change its stripes.

Here are just a few of the many reasons why the GOP can't be trusted:

These are not the actions of a political party that actually works to limit government. The GOP talks a good game, but the reality is that the national GOP is a progressive movement, moving the country away from individual liberty and responsibility. The only difference between the GOP and the Democratic Party is the speed at which each party is moving the country towards a cradle-to-grave welfare state run by an unelected ruling class of technocrats who believe that they are superior to us.

There are many reasons why state Republican Parties cannot be trusted either. The Wyoming legislature has been under GOP control for the last decade. State spending has doubled in the last five years. Taxes under the Wyoming GOP legislative leadership continue to rise – taxes like the ever-increasing local option sales tax, taxes consumers don't see such as wind turbine taxes and industrial real estate property taxes, and truly painful taxes like the tax on automobiles as personal property (the cost to obtain Wyoming license plates is among the highest in the nation). The Wyoming GOP has created a labyrinth of state agencies that grow bureaucrats like weeds. Many other GOP controlled states have similar stories.

There are a few good GOP legislators in every state who really do work to limit government. The Wyoming Country Party will be careful to not harm the electoral prospects of these good legislators. A unique feature of the Wyoming Country Party bylaws will be that candidates will only be nominated to run in those races where the incumbent is not one of "the good guys".

The bottom line is that Wyoming Country Party members generally believe that the GOP can't be trusted to police itself and actually shrink government. If by some miracle of nature the GOP does change its stripes and truly does become a friend of individual liberty and less government, then the Wyoming Country Party can declare "job well done" and fold up shop. But until then, it is necessary for the Wyoming Country Party to offer a real alternative for getting legislators elected who will shrink government and return control to the states and to the people, as mandated by the 9th and 10th Amendments to the Constitution!